My time to shine…

So today was a good day. I felt good. I felt strong. Physically, my body was not hurting like the other day, which is very good news. I had a great day at the gym. I was determined to make the gym time, my time. Not waste it. Not let anything else consume me, but instead use the gym to let off some steam and enjoy it. I mean really enjoy it.

Today I did something. I felt something that I’d never really felt before. Empowerment. It’s funny because I am all about empowerment in others’ lives , but I don’t promote it as much as I should in mine. Probably because we are harder on ourselves and probably feel like we don’t deserve as much as other people. I don’t know. Either way, things were different. I could do anything today. I felt that running through my blood. I felt like I could try anything, whether or not I succeeded, it didn’t matter.

So what changed? I did something today that I probably haven’t done since I was young. I ran. I mean, legit ran. It was slow. It was unbalanced. It was short. It was amazing. It reminded me of why I was there and it made me open my eyes to just how much work I’ve put in. That being said, it also reminded me of how much work I still need to put it. This excites me. I mean, really excites me. This makes me feel like anything is possible. Now, I know, I’m not going to be running any marathons anytime soon but, really, this is my marathon. This is me wishing, learning, trying, failing and succeeding. This is me running my race.

First time running since starting at PlyoFit

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