Not a good look for me…

I was in a bad mood today at the gym. Honestly the day went well but I spent 95% of the time sitting because of a workshop. A really good workshop but the sitting makes me so tense and makes it so hard to get into the gym since I haven’t moved much all day. I went in but I had a chip on my shoulder after I realized I was still hurting. In my head, I kept telling myself to just get over it but I was really feeling pain in my hip which just took over. Not my best day. I need to learn how to channel that better. I spent a majority of the time complaining and justifying why I was hurting. That really didn’t help me at all. The complaining, that is. I did the workout and I did everything I was supposed to but I just felt defeated. That’s not how you want to get through a workout. It’s supposed to be a time of recharge and destress and I made it the opposite. A moment of clarity came when Carlos told me that’s it’s important that I’m moving. I forget that. I forget that the reason I’m there is to be better than I was. To be stronger and healthier, which, in turn, makes me happier. A bad day at the gym is still a good day, though.

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