I killed January…

This entry comes a little late…

I killed January…workouts were tough, my nutrition was pretty good, and I complained about everything. I even had a little lapse in judgement when I thought I should take a break from it all, but I killed it because I got through it. I may have crawled my way out of January, but I did it, nonetheless.

Seriously, though, the month seemed to drag but it wasn’t bad. I was excited about some things and tired of others. I was exhausted physically but, honestly, I had a good month, for the most part. I was especially excited to start really taking care of things that I had neglected in 2018, like eating healthier. I did that. I ate with purpose in January. I even lost 8 lbs but I’m not focused on that. There is so much more to this journey than that.

I only talk about January because last year was a rough year. I felt very disjointed for a good part of it. Almost like I was floating outside of my body watching myself struggle, but all I could do was watch. I couldn’t help myself. That is so frustrating. All you want to do is be better and be successful but your mental state needs to be ready to do that.

I complain about 2018, but I needed that year. I’m thankful for that year. I needed that year to struggle and think about everything. It gave me the chance to attempt to use all of the tools that I have gained over the last two years and really appreciate them.

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