It’s funny because this year has been a lot different so far, compared to last year. Right now, I’m really appreciating the things I’m capable of. Honestly, that doesn’t really mean only things that are related to health and fitness but also to just wellness, in general.

One of the things that I’m guilty of is getting caught up in the “what ifs” and the “could’ve beens”. I’d say now more than ever, over the last two years. I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing all of the time but it can hinder a lot of growth. When I get fixated on things that I can’t do or things that I can’t do yet, I forget to keep going. I stand still and forget what I’m working towards. I realized that I did this more often than not so I thought I would try a little exercise to try and break this way of thinking. This time, though, I wanted to include things in my life that were not based on just health and fitness, but overall wellness. I realized that I spent all of my time wishing that I had certain habits, but never really put in the time or effort into having any new ones. I want to create these habits because I know they are good for me and because they will help me to grow and reach those “not so attainable right now” goals.

So, what are my habits that I’m trying to create? I wanted to focus on things that I knew that I needed and would make me better. Also, I decided to track them daily for the next few months. I think this is important because this is the type of learner that I am. Not only am I curious in the outcome of my habit tracking, but I’m positive that it will be my accountability. There is only one thing that I want to make sure I don’t misunderstand. My tracking is not to see what I haven’t done, my tracking is to see what I have done. It’s not a negative but a way to see just how much positive is happening in my life.

Habit 1: Reading—I love to read. I don’t do it enough.

Habit 2: Practicing the piano—I’ve never been an amazing player, but it doesn’t hurt to practice and become the player I’ve always wanted to be.

Habit 3: Drink water—I don’t drink enough. When I do, I see amazing health benefits. I feel more energetic and my skin is a lot better.

Habit 4: Tidy up—Each day I take ten minutes to tidy up. This is nice because each morning I feel more relaxed as I leave the house. I also go to bed with less stress.

Habit 5: Cook dinner—Dinner seems to be the easier meal to buy take-out for so it becomes the less healthy meal. Whether I meal prep or not, I’m going to try and cook dinner.

Habit 6: Workout—This is last on my list because I feel like I’ve already created this habit. I just don’t want to lose it.

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