It would have mattered a year ago…

So over the last couple of days, I’ve done a lot of self-reflection, mainly due to the picture that Carlos put out on social media. First off, I’d like to say that I’m proud of that picture. I wouldn’t have been a part of that post if I didn’t think it was necessary or important for myself. I think it is 100% necessary to be able to acknowledge the significant changes that I have gone through because they are, just that, significant. When your body changes, it’s a big deal. You realize just how much time, and the hard work you put into that time, change you.

So why the reflection over this post? I mean Carlos has posted about my journey before… I’ve posted about my journey before. This isn’t something new. We’re not waiting to post a before and after picture of when I reach my ultimate goal, we are documenting the journey. Probably more important than the ultimate goal. It’s about all the hard work that goes into it. The ups and downs. The weight gain and the loss. Everything. This isn’t something that I put out there because it highlights accomplishments, it’s something I put out there because it pushes me to work harder and encourages me to be better. It drives me to see where I was to where I am. I love that Carlos sees that. The support and guidance he offers is irreplaceable.

Unfortunately, support and guidance doesn’t come from everyone. Nor should it.

Since coming to Plyofit, I have grown. I’ve learned a lot and, again, I’m going to sing Carlos’ praises. He has taught me a lot regarding people. I always thought that I was a person who was very respectful of others but his is on a whole other level. I’d like to think that his positivity has rubbed off on me and, honestly, I look at people differently now. He opened up my eyes to people’s outlook on goals and accomplishments. I guess since I’d never been in the situation of making any type of fitness goals, I didn’t know what that looked like so I didn’t understand. I do now. It was eye opening. Amazing, honestly.

After this last post, someone close told me something that really hit me hard. Something that struck me as hurtful. It sat with me for awhile. At first, I was taken aback. I was a little embarrassed. And then it hit me.

I wasn’t embarrassed for myself. I was embarrassed for them. I immediately wanted to educate them. I wanted to make them understand that this wasn’t for them. What I do and what I go through is not for them. Their opinion or comment wasn’t helpful but I knew that it wasn’t going to help if I told them that. My journey is not theirs just like theirs wouldn’t be mine.

So, what have I learned? Not everyone gets it. I may have not gotten it before, either, so I don’t blame people who say negative things. I just learn from them.

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