What’s going on…

Normally when I write it’s because there is something weighing heavy on my mind but lately it’s been positive posts because I’ve been feeling good. So, let’s try to keep this one positive, as well.

My feet have been doing good except I strained it Saturday night by stepping onto a stair incorrectly, which hopefully icing it through the week will help. It feels better after a night’s sleep so hopefully in the next week it will feel even better.

I have been working out and eating better, which is always good. Working out hasn’t really ever been an issue but eating right has. I know it’s hard but it’s not an impossible thing. It’s just discipline. Sometimes I have it and sometimes I don’t. Lately, I’ve had it more than ever. This is a great thing. I’m trying to hit the ground running since I have goals I want to meet.

Oh, I know! This is something cool that was exciting to me but probably not very exciting to anyone. I went to this concert the other night. One of my all-time favorite bands was playing. I have seen them quite a few times but one thing I always wanted but couldn’t get was a band shirt. They never had my size. I bought three at this concert. THREE. This was pretty exciting to me. Funny how those little wins can help you out.

Just a little check-in post. I’ll be back!

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