It’s been different…

I’m so excited for this new chapter. I haven’t been this motivated in a while and I’m feeling like I can do anything. I’m excited to go to the gym, excited to  cook my meals, and I’m excited about just making some big changes. It’s been a long time since I’ve really felt like this, at least genuinely.

I had been hurting so much  that it was just bummin’ me out. In every decision that I made, I had to consider my pain that my feet would have. It was horrible. I even took off a week to recover because I was desperate. I needed some help. I’m so glad I’m feeling better. I put some inserts in my shoes that I got from the doctor and they have been working like a charm except I’m getting leg pain from the inserts. They are reforming my step that it hurts up and down my leg but I can deal with that. I think it will eventually subside. Other than that…I’m good. I’ve been working out and feeling great. 

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