I’m ready…Week 40? That’s crazy.

So, I’m going into this week with a clear head, some goals, and some confidence. Meal prep ordered and ready for school lunch, breakfast is done, and dinner has been decided, so there will be no setbacks. I am prepared. This is Week 40 of my journey and I still haven’t mastered it. It’s okay, though. I will, one day.  I did quite a bit of reading over the weekend and I’ve come to the conclusion that I am not alone. There are a lot of people out there that feel the same way I do, who are going through the same things I am going through, and who are looking for ways to be successful. I feel their pain. I also feel their excitement.

Don’t get me wrong. Through all this extra complaining and drama, I am absolutely excited to be doing this. There will be setbacks. It’s a process. (That’s for you, Carlos.) I need to embrace it a little more like I did in the beginning. Look for more of that inspiration in others that are doing this, as well. I need to start internalizing my little wins a little more in this journey to help me stay motivated.

So, as I mentioned before, I did quite a bit of reading today. Actually the day was very nice, I went shopping because my pants are too big and I bought some new workout clothes. I then went and had lunch on my own where I read a bunch of different sites. You know, where you open up a site that leads to another and then it may lead to a youtube video or blog. Yeah, that’s what I did. It’s funny because I got to a page where someone was giving advice on how they managed their day to day relationship with food and I thought their comment was very interesting. So simple but very enlightening. I’m not going to paraphrase, but instead type it word for word…

I’ve cut out a lot of junk–particularly refined sugar–out of my diet lately. I imagine that I’m a 3rd party giving the food to my body and then I say in my head what I would say as I hand the food to my body. Is it “this will make you strong” OR “Here, good luck with this”?

OMG. This was amazing. Such an amazing way to look at it. I know it sounds simple but I never thought of this. I guess I almost have to take myself out of the equation. Make myself look in when I come to a crossroad. I know I’m talking a lot about this lately, but I feel like the last month or so, I have had a problem with food. I didn’t before. Part of me feels it may be the change of going back to work. It isn’t particularly stressful, but I feel that it’s such a big part of my day that diet tends to get pushed to the back burner. Well, not this week. I’m taking this guy’s advice. I need to start telling my body these things so that I make that conscience decision to eat what I eat and why. Why didn’t I think of this before? It’s so silly. This summer was easy because all I did was have diet in the front of my mind because that was my focus. It’ll get better. I’ll get through it. It will go back to normal.

Now, my goals for the week.

  • Eat my prepped meals
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Go to the gym Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday (if I can’t make it, do something at home)
  • Ice/Elevate my foot each night (most nights I do, but there have been a couple where I should have)
  • Quit being such a jerk to myself (normally I’m not, but some of the days in the month have been rough)
  • Chill out

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