So I’m Back Again…

Okay, so I made an entry a couple of days ago and although, it wasn’t necessarily negative, it wasn’t that positive either. It wasn’t that I was feeling bad about the month of June, it was that there was a change in routine, which was very tough for me. I thought that because of this change, I may have some trouble meeting my fitness goals. Well, I’m very happy to say that I did not need to worry. (In the back of my mind, I knew this) I just needed to be patient, trust myself, trust my trainer, and just get after it. I did that.
When I take a step back, I can really look at what I accomplished for the month and I’m very pleased. I exercised every day that I could, I ate with caution but not with deprivation, and I relaxed.
Today’s weigh-in had me losing 12 pounds for the month of June, which has me at 68 pounds down since January 24, 2017. It’s been a crazy but fun ride. I have loved, pretty much  , every minute of it. I’ll even post a shot of my June iwatch screen. I’m very proud of this.  iwatch

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