Rough month but still focused

As a teacher, I get my summers off (most of it, at least) but I have to say I am finding it difficult to stay on track this month. I’ve been okay for the most part but I feel like I could have done so much more this month. I’ve had workshops and trips that have thrown me for a loop and I really needed to re-evaluate my goals and what I needed to change in my diet (AGAIN). I may have wasted a couple of weeks in the month of June to different temptations like eating out at restaurants and not thinking about what I was eating, but I will persevere. June is not over yet and July will be better.

On another note, I was talking to my trainer who had some great questions for me today. I thought about them, pretty much all day. I had some A-HA moments that made me realize that I’ve come a long way. This makes me completely emotional and I’m not really sure why. Don’t worry, I didn’t cry at the gym again (see my other blog). But I did realize that there have been many non-scale victories that I have not celebrated. Again, this makes me emotional, but in a happy way. It makes me see that I need to focus on the positive and not beat myself up about mistakes I’ve made along the way.

For some positives…I’ve been going to the gym every day I can and I work hard there. I try to push myself more and more each day so that I can stay ahead of my goals and not slump into a rut. The exercise helps so much and it makes me feel so much better. To the point where I know I would not be able to stop exercising. This is a habit that will stick with me because I absolutely love it. It makes me feel good about myself and I can see the difference in my daily life.

I’m excited about July…I’m gonna kick it’s butt.

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