July Goals and Just Some Thoughts…

So it’s July 6, 2017 and it’s crazy how time has flown by. I have about a month of summer vacation before I need to go back for teacher workshops and whatnot, but I’m excited about the school year and ready for what’s to come. Thinking about this makes me realize something.

I’d been in a slump in my career for a couple of years. I wasn’t unhappy just missing something. I love what I do, but I was getting bored. Like it was the same ol’, same ol’. I realized something today when having another insightful conversation with Carlos, my trainer. I realized that I wasn’t stuck in a rut with my career, I was just missing something, not having to do with work or family. Those things have always been fulfilling. I missed the feeling of doing something new. Learning something new.

Exercising has filled this void. It’s so difficult to explain. It’s almost like I’m using parts of me that I’ve never used before, not just physically, but mentally, spiritually, and definitely emotionally. It’s like I’m watching myself discover something that I’d never been a part of, ever. I’m learning everyday. I’m learning new exercises and this makes me learn about my body. I’m hitting new goals and this effects me mentally. Spiritually, it has given me hope that anything is possible, even at the age of 36. Emotionally, it’s been a roller coaster, but one that I do not want to hop off of. I want to stay on as long as possible, through good and bad. Mostly it’s been nothing but good. This is all motivation that is pushing me in the right direction.

Now if I had to elaborate on one thing, it would have to be the emotional effect it has had. I can’t even begin to explain the emotional part of this. I’ve always had a hard time patting myself on the back for anything. BUT I know that I have made great gains with my new found love of exercise. I am not ashamed to say that I AM ABSOLUTELY PROUD OF MYSELF. I push myself every day that I am in that gym and I do everything that I possibly can to make sure I use the opportunity that Carlos has given me. I also use the encouragement and love that my husband, Matt, gives me everyday to motivate me to do better. Although I might say that I do this only for myself, that is not completely true. I also do it for the people in my life. They have encouraged me to be better and have said that this is possible. It will take work but they stand by me, 100%. This is empowering and will lead to success. I believe this with my whole heart.

July Goals:
I would say to that my goal would be to hit the gym everyday, but this goal would not be difficult. I love the gym. I love the feeling it gives me when I complete a workout or walk a mile or just anything that I physically never thought I would do for fun. So, my goal for the month is to make sure I hit my 10,000 steps every day possible. Normally this isn’t hard to do during the school year, but I had a hard time in June (summer vacation) with it. My friend Melissa has also been helping me with this goal. She will stay with me to get those last steps in. She’s been an amazing friend and a great workout buddy.
Also, I’d like to hit 75 pounds lost at the end of July, which will mark 6 months working out at Plyofit. I’m currently at 70 pounds lost. I know this is possible. I can see my 100 lbs goal so close.
Long term goals (which I know may change):
I want to run. I cannot wait to run. I’ve always wanted to do a marathon. This goal seems so far away but time does fly, especially when you are having fun. And I’m definitely having fun.

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