Week Review…

It’s been about a week where I have really tried to put a lot of effort into my health. We’ve eaten well over the week. Friday was the only day we ordered dinner out and that was because we had already planned it. For once, it was intentional. It wasn’t me calling home to see what we should have for dinner and then us being being so done with not having a plan that I pick up food. It was planning, making sure we had options and eating at home. My bank account certainly thanked me. It’s crazy how much you can save by making your own food. I already knew that but the convenience usually outweighs everything especially when you go home tired. Although, I’ll say this week I was not as tired. I drank my water, ate healthier, slowed down on the diet soda. I didn’t have a Sprite Zero until Friday. Good week, actually.

I did not exercise. But I wasn’t feeling too terrible about it because I needed the time to just figure some things out and maybe not jump in over my head. I like to exercise. I can be lazy sometimes but I’ve had those times where you just don’t feel like it and then it’s just a good time. I wasn’t trying not to exercise, I just had to prioritize some other things for the week because I knew they were more difficult. The goal today is to move some and then get back to it tomorrow. Also, plan out the menu.

Also, I just needed a boost. I think with the week going as well as it did, I know it’s doable to get a great routine going.

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