I think I did pretty well with blogging this month. Including this one, I had 19 entries for Jan 2021. Not bad. It’s funny because I started it out with the goal of writing for 30 days straight. I had to reassess because it just wasn’t coming as natural as I would like. The good thing is that I think about it daily now. If there is something that is super important and I need to write about it, I don’t feel too stressed to do it because it’s not as hard as I was making it out to be. The app for writing in this program is super good.

I’m just trying to write about whatever I want nowadays. I think about what are some things that I need to at least get off of my chest for the day. Right now I have a big stress on me and it is just really annoying.

Sometime mid-January, I did something to my arm/shoulder. I thought for sure it was just sore. It got a little worse at times but it didn’t hurt too much and it really didn’t hurt when I worked out. I then got my first vaccine and got really sore but figured the arm hurt due to the shot.

Still though, it hurt more than usual. I let a few days pass thinking the arm would get better. I got the vaccine Monday. I didn’t work out on Monday or Tuesday. I did workout on Wednesday. Couldn’t workout on Thursday or Saturday due to work.

This past Friday, I could not stand the pain and left work for a little while to see if I could see a doctor. Honestly, I don’t know why I even do that. I should have made an appointment with my own doctor and not gone to an urgent care. I had the worst experience there. I had a melt down. Complete meltdown.

So, I’m at the clinic. They are pretty quick to take me in. The intake is done. She asks me questions and takes my vitals. I tell her my arm hurts because I hurt it somehow. But I tell her that it’s gotten worse because when I move my head back a certain way, I feel this pain at the top of my arm, and then the pain radiates all the way down to about the elbow area and then my fingers tingle. They don’t go numb but they feel like they just woke up from being numb.

Before I went to the clinic, I figured it was a pinched nerve. I’ve had one in the same area before.

When I told the intake nurse and then the doctor about the pain, she said that it sounded like a pinched nerve but she wanted some x-rays. So, I went to take some x-rays and then they had me wait for the doctor. She came in with the x-ray and told me that I had a narrow space in between two of my vertebrae that are pinching on the nerve. She said I needed vitamin D and calcium because it could be the start of arthritis. She told me she was going to prescribe a medicine that would help with the tingling sensation I was getting and not to tilt my head back and it wouldn’t hurt anymore. The whole time she was talking, she had one foot out the door. She then started to head out. I’m not proud but I lost my shit when she told me not to tilt my head back anymore so it wouldn’t hurt.

I told her that I didn’t appreciate her pushing me aside and I especially didn’t appreciate that she was ready to leave before I could ask her any questions about anything. I cried. Sometimes I do that when I’m upset. Again, I’m not proud but she needed to know that I needed more information. I didn’t know what the medicine was for, she didn’t really give me any information on what could be going on, plus a lot of other things. I’m pretty sure it was the pain that was driving my emotions but still. I think I deserved better care. She turned back, probably because I was making a scene. I told her not to bother that I did not need anything else and would just settle the bill.

So, I think I freaked her out. She shut the door and apologized. She gave me way more information and then asked me if I wanted a shot. I was dumbfounded. I mean, I know what kind of shot she meant but I didn’t understand why she was offering it to me now. She said her other patients sometimes ask for a shot of cortisol. So, I asked her if she suggested I take a shot. She said yes. Weird. So, why didn’t she ask me before? So, she left me and told me that the nurse was going to get it ready. When the nurse came by I asked her to ask the doctor if she thought it was wise to take the cortisol injection if I just had the 1st vaccine. The doctor came in the room to tell me that I should not take the cortisol injection because it was suppress my immune system and that would not be good for the vaccine shot.

So, she gave me a pain reliever to get by.

I am still in pain. My fingers are still tingling. Ugh. I need to make an appointment.

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