No one wants their fire to burn out…

I’ve been trying my hardest when it comes to posting. I’ve been trying to put a post out here daily so that I can just get better at putting my feelings out there and trying to talk them through. I guess the idea that I have to post only when I’m feeling down or need to vent shouldn’t be the norm. I should write because I have something to say, whether good or bad or just because.

Today I had a great workout. That’s something I want to write about. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt really consistent and when I have workouts like this, they make me feel strong. They make me feel like I still have that fire lit underneath me. Nobody wants their fire to burn out but sometimes it can feel that way. That was me for a long time. But today was good.

Carlos had me work with the hex rack, the ropes, some ball slams, the TRX and a few other things. Things that made me feel like my old self because they were familiar. It’s funny how just an hour of exercise can make you think and feel like a different person. And now with my new setup, I feel amazing because of just the amount of room I have. I feel comfortable and like someone who is somewhat knowledgeable in what Carlos is talking to me about. I don’t ever want to feel like I’m going through the motions and for a while there, that’s what it felt like. Last week, things were starting to change. Partly because I couldn’t quite figure out why I was feeling so bad, but I knew why. Again, I sort of lost that fire.

Going through the motions is difficult. Working out is hard, whether I enjoy it or not. So going through the motions isn’t particularly easy for me because of the physical part of it. So what happened? I started making excuses to not attend Plyofit sessions. Which sucked. Partly because I knew it was good for me but also because I enjoyed it. It was a stress reliever. It was great because I always learned something new each time I was in a session with Carlos. So, I think getting back into these work sessions is going to be a powerful thing for me. It’s going to help me in all aspects.

The fire is back. Hopefully, for a while. It’s understandable for the fire to dim but it’s keeping up with it. Bringing it back to life. I can do that. I’m determined to make it work.

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