I deserve this…

I’ve been loving my workouts that last couple of days. Of course because they are Plyofit workouts, but more importantly because I have new equipment and a bigger space. Now I know that I can have a great workout with just myself and a ten pound barbell but I just really missed some of the equipment that is at Plyofit. So I thought I would show you my new space. Now, it’s not beautiful because it still needs a little bit of paint on the walls and a new floor. I’m thinking about putting in some rubber flooring but I still have some other plans that need to be carried out before I can put in the flooring. Maybe this summer.

I thought I would run down a list of things that I have and show some pictures. As I’m writing this, I’m contemplating whether or not I will put up “Before” pictures or not. They are really bad. I mean really bad. I’ll think about it.

So my new workout space is now the garage. I’ve been granted by my wonderful husband to take the entire garage. The plan was to actually do half gym/half game room but he told me to take the whole thing. Probably because he saw all the stuff I have and didn’t want to fight over space. Good call. I do have about 1/3 still left to organize or declutter but for now my space is great the way it is.

So I went from a small bedroom where I constantly tripped over equipment to a two car enclosed garage. I have heating and a/c, if needed. It’s amazing.

Just a few things that I have in there:

rope, squat rack, TRX, dumbbells, hex rack, elliptical (I will move this one over soon)

I absolutely love this space. I hope to do a lot of soul searching, goal making, destressing, and moving in this place.

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