Out of my comfort zone…

One of the things that I have always find myself doing is ‘assessing my environment’. I find out what is around me so that I can easily adapt or not put myself in certain situations. Recently, I have found that I don’t do it as often because I feel a little more confident in my own skin. I think deep down that my limitations have changed. I’ve come to a point where I’m questioning my decision to do something, partly because I’ve always done it, but it isn’t stopping me.

Recently I’ve been pushing myself to do things without having to feel the need to adapt because of my size or weight.

So, I have to say that this way of thinking can be freeing but a little stressful. But I know it’s what I need. I can’t stay in my bubble forever. I recently went on a trip to the beach. This trip was completely out of my comfort zone but I did it because there was no reason to not do it. My stresses when it comes to trips include things like going to be places and the amount of energy I have to exert in walking around. Questions like, can I keep up? How far are we going? Etc. Now I really feel these questions are valid because they are what take me out of my comfort zone. I feel out of control when I can’t answer these questions.

Back to my trip… It was great. I went not knowing anything about the environment I was getting into but did purposefully plan certain things. We stayed in this cute condo that was on the third floor… For me, this was big. You are talking to someone that always asks for a bottom floor when there is no elevator. I did this because I knew that I could climb 3 flights. I’ve been working my butt off at Plyofit because I need to be able to walk up 3 flights of stairs. We walked up and down those things with luggage and groceries on multiple occasions and I was fine. I was great. I didn’t regret it and definitely will take it as a win.

We also went to a baseball field where, again, I was a little apprehensive about my environment. I always am when it comes to seating. Questions that go through my head are, who am I sitting by? Am I in their space? Is the seat going to be big enough? How many stairs do I have to climb? Etc. I bought the tickets anyway. I knew in my head that everything would be good but you always worry. You don’t want something like that to ruin your day. Everything was great and I had nothing to worry about it.

It’s funny because these small little things don’t seem like much but they are. They mean everything to me. When I don’t see weight drop, these are the things I look for. Carlos taught me that. It’s not about the scale. There are so many other factors to take in like clothes fitting better, feeling more energized, being able to walk up 3 flights of stairs repeatedly, or fitting into a baseball stadium seat.

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