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I’d wanted to write about this for a little while now. Clothes and Weight loss. How important are these? Not only are you dealing with changes physically, but you are dealing with mental changes, as well. One of the changes you will see throughout your journey is how your body changes and how your clothes have to keep up. Change can be a good thing especially if your clothes are getting smaller. It’s not great on the wallet but it’s pretty good (mostly) on the mental side. So, I wanted to walk you through some of the changes in my clothes that I have had to make.

Let’s start with my bra. So, I wasn’t proud of this but I got up to a 56D in bras. If you don’t know what this means, simply, the number tells you how much your torso measures and the letter gives you your cup size. When I started in February, this was my size. I haven’t had a dramatic change to my bra but there has been a change. Currently I am wearing a 48D but am more towards a 46, as I have had to go to the shorter hooks on the bra.

Shirts…Now, this one is still kind of tough to explain. Being a larger woman, I have to shop,mostly, at stores that sell plus size clothing. There are plenty of these stores around but when I first started my journey, even the plus size stores were starting to be difficult to find clothes in. I realized this was a major problem. I even got to the point where I couldn’t buy them locally so I had to order online and just hope that I could find something. At this point in my life, everything was limited. Not a great way to live your life. Back to the clothes…I’ll give measurements so it’s easier to understand. When first beginning the journey I was in a 5X shirts. Measurements for a 5X include a bust of 61 inches. I did fit in these but they were hard to find. It was rough because these were the sizes that the stores didn’t carry a lot of because they didn’t have to. I’m now in a 3X, sometimes 2X depending on the type of shirt. At most plus size stores, I can wear a 2X but when it comes to stores like Target or Walmart, I have to lean towards a 3X. Sizing usually does vary from brand to brand so that’s understandable.

Now, to my pant size. This is the most stressful of them all. So, although I have lost quite a bit, most of it seems to be from my waist and back. Not very noticeable from my hips or thighs or butt. Although, this may seem true, I have actually lost quite a bit from my lower body. Before we talk measurements, a little information. Again, when first starting my journey, I got to the point where I couldn’t buy pants at my local plus size stores because they didn’t make them in my size. Repeat, they didn’t make them in my size. It wasn’t because they didn’t carry them in stock, but because they didn’t make them. I had let myself get to the point where I couldn’t even go out and buy a pair of pants if I needed them. Ridiculous. So, I had to order them online.  When I first started, I was in a size 42W. The measurements for a 42W are 63″ waist and 71″ hip measurement, which is equivalent to a 7X. This was the size that I was not able to find anywhere except online and even then, the styles were limited to one type of pant style. Now, although, not an ideal size I am now at a size 30W, which is equivalent to like a 3X with measurements of 51″ waist and 59″ hips, according the brand sizing chart.

So, again, these are not ideal sizes that someone would want to be in but I really do think that I’m moving in the right direction especially compared to where I was.

Information & Pictures


 January 2017                                                                   July 2018

Bra                    56D                                                                                 48D

Shirt                  5X                                                                                 2X/3X

Pant               42W/7X (63” waist/71” hips)                                     30W/4X (52” waist/61” hips)

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