My Why…

You know, I talk a lot about My Why but I don’t think I have ever written about it. I haven’t addressed this mainly because it’s always been jumbled in my mind. My Why changes constantly and in different aspects of my life. For now, let’s focus on the Why of this journey.

I started this journey in hopes of finding something I might like to do, find something that might change things a bit, or find something that might make me feel better, or find something that might be the thing to change things.  Just to name a few. The key word here is MIGHT. I had no Why when I started this journey. It was a ‘just because’ I probably should need to do this. This changed quickly, though. My Why became more clear as time passed.

My Why then? This is easy. I focused more on being tired, feeling uncomfortable, doing it for other people. I had a Why but it didn’t really focus on the positive. I guess, which makes sense. I wasn’t very positive about where my health was going I just figured time was passing and I needed to do something. But as time passed, My Why focused more on me.

So, what’s My Why now? Because I love it. I love being more active. I enjoy it. I like feeling good. I love feeling strong. I love feeling more comfortable. Mainly, I love how it empowers me to continue. I feel like my life has started over and I’m actually in control. All these feelings are what drive me. These are the feelings that keep me on track and sometimes make me fall off track because they can be overwhelming. Either way, I’ll take them. My Why may change as I go, but for now it’s focused on me and how it makes me feel.

That being said, that is MY SELFISH WHY. I also have other reasons I do this that don’t involve me. I do it for my family. I do it for my friends. These are definitely reasons enough to continue.

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