Incredible days and small victories…

So I’ve had an incredible few days. I’ve been full of energy and just excited. A few things have triggered this feeling but there is one event that has really been an eye opener for me. So, I got the job, which I’m excited and terrified about but I will 100% so it will be great. This has me so excited, but I truly don’t believe that this is the reason for my energy boost.

We had convocation on Friday and I cannot believe that I was able to walk up the amount of stairs that I did without holding onto the rail, stopping to catch my breath, or even slow down. I WAS IN SHOCK! I know that this doesn’t seem like much but it is. It’s an incredible thing for me because this is where I’m seeing these changes take place. It’s where I feel they are the most important. It’s not what I look like, but it’s more important how this journey is making me feel.

When I first came to the stairs, this feeling of dread came over me. I went into flight mode automatically. Thinking…how can I avoid these? I couldn’t. I was going to have to face them. It wasn’t a problem at all. I mean, it was such a non-issue that I even texted Carlos to let him know. Probably something he didn’t need to know about, but this was a huge thing for me.

Now, I know normally stairs shouldn’t be an issue but they have always been a struggle for me. Even a small number of them. My knees normally can’t handle them. This time, they didn’t hurt. Or they didn’t feel like they were going to give in under me. I didn’t have to shift my weight onto one particular knee or hold on to the rail to pull me up. It was incredible. This is all because of the push that Carlos has given me. The progression of the exercise that he has guided me through has made me stronger.

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