Just something I’m thinking about…

So, I’ve been thinking.

I’m really wanting to do something different. I’ve never really been big on doing challenges but Matt was telling me about one of his co-workers and how she is really going in 100% with this challenge she is doing at her gym. I’ve always found those interesting but one of the main reasons I never really looked into it is because they usually seem really advanced or because they seem like they are very temporary. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I’m looking at it in the wrong way.

So a challenge doesn’t have to be something that is so out of reach that it’s more than likely you will fail. A challenge should be exactly what it is called…a challenge. It should make you become aware of the things you are doing and help you to build the habit, IF the action is something that you feel should be in your daily routine. Example…Matt’s co-worker has her challenge drinking 1 gallon of water a day, exercising twice a day (one workout must be outdoors), reading 10 pages of a non-fiction book each day, plus a few other things. She probably feels like these are going to help her in her goals in and out of the gym.

Now, this challenge, the way it’s written, isn’t for me. At least not all of it but I think a lot of these things are things I would like to get better at. I’d like to write up my own challenge that would help me to better prioritize my time and just get me excited about doing them. I think that is what I will work on next. I don’t want it to be easy but I need something that will help me with creating a good foundation to reach some of the goals I’ve laid out for myself. I’d like for it to incorporate things like meal prep, exercise, and maybe some movement outside of a Plyofit workout. I’m still thinking.

Well, I will say that I’m a little ahead of the game. I challenge myself to write each day. I haven’t been 100%, as I’ve missed two days, but I keep writing.

I’ll work on this and keep you posted.

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