Mapping it out…

I promised a write up on my goals moving forward. I’m going to try and do this a littler different. I think having end goals is good but I think one thing that I always tend to mess up on is realizing the amount of work it takes to get to the end result I want and realizing that it is going to take time. So I figured I’d try to map a few things out. This will be Rough Draft #1, of course. Many mistakes will be made and many things will need to be altered but I’m going to put in effort, which even though may lead to failure, will eventually lead to growth which each mistake I make.

So, what are some things that I want to accomplish?

There is the obvious. 1. Lose the weight. 2. Get stronger, mentally/physically/emotionally

So, what are the things I need to accomplish these things?

Well, again, there is the obvious. 1. Want it. 2. Figure out the systems I need to put into place to accomplish them. 3. Fail. A lot. 4. Learn from it. 5. Keep going.

Now, those goals are broad and kind of “big picture”. There are a lot of things that I want to do in order to meet these two goals but, if I really think about it, they are part of the system. They are how I get there.

So, what’s my next step? What systems do I have already set up and what can I do to make them better? What systems do I need to set up and how can I make sure to implement them?


So, right now, I have a good beginning effort for exercise. Over the last month, I’ve done way better with getting online with Carlos and making an effort. Way better than I did over the last few months. The last months were rough and I didn’t prioritize it because it was easier than making time for it. Now, here is where a good system could be better. I think I’ve realized that working out is one thing but staying active is another. A system that I would like to work on is getting in a little bit more exercise. And I don’t mean a full blown session, Plyofit-style. I mean, a walk. Or use the new video game I got that makes you move. Something. Anything to be just a little bit more active.

So, that’s my first thought when it comes to this. I’m going to stop here only because it’s a lot to process.

I do know that my next blog will probably focus on nutrition. Something that I may be making more difficult than it is. But then again, I think it’s what you make it.

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