Dang…I missed a day.

I fell asleep. LOL It’s okay. Honestly, I thought I would have already missed more than one day of writing. My goal is to write something everyday for the 30 days. It’s okay. We’ll forget yesterday didn’t happen.

I’m always wondering what to write about because it’s not easy to always throw your thoughts down. Once I get started, though, it’s good.

Today we will do a quick write on motivation. Motivation sometimes is super easy to have. Sometimes, not so much. It’s funny because when all the stars are aligned perfectly, everything in your day has gone EXACTLY according to plan, you’ve felt amazing all day, and you’re ready to keep going then your motivation is there, at it’s peak. For me, that rarely happens. I’m pretty sure that’s most people.

I think you can have many degrees of motivation. I think it’s just learning when to push through and how to push through.

As I’m writing this, I was about to say that maybe focusing on the outcome would be the most beneficial on how to effectively use the smallest amount of motivation you might have but now I’ve changed my mind.

It’s not focusing on the outcome. Yeah, I know that we all have goals but really it’s that “being in it”. It’s the effort you put out. It’s focusing on what you do to get there. Not the outcome. It’s falling in love with the process. (I just heard Carlos Rodriguez’s voice when I said that. He says that all the time.)

Focusing on HOW you are trying to reach your goals will help with motivation, it may not always be there, but loving the process will lead to a better outcome and enjoying the ride.

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