Maybe the end goal isn’t the most important…

I’m in this facebook group that a friend of mine invited me to and today he invited everyone to write down what they wanted to achieve this year. Honestly, I’m super tired of always defaulting my answer to losing weight. I know that in the end that is my ultimate goal but I thought about what I really wanted. So I wrote this down instead…

Mine is to get ready for the Rock’n’Roll 10k in December and get a better time than last year. Also, work on my deadlift. Not sure on my goal, number wise, but work on form and up my max weight. Hopefully, with those goals I’ll be able to shed some lbs. 💪🏼

So, I’m happy with this for now. It’s funny how we are always aiming for that ultimate end goal but I really feel that working for these benchmarks along the way will ultimately have me reaching my end goal of weightloss.

I do want to make an amendment, though. Nutrition. I want to learn about it more. It’s always the hardest thing to focus on but maybe because it’s not necessarily a ‘goal’ you reach. It’s more of a day-to-day learned behavior. Something that just learn how to be more aware of. It’s something that isn’t always going to be ‘on point’ because maybe there isn’t such a thing…at least not for me. I’m not always going to eat the same amount of calories, the same exact meal, at the same exact time. I’m definitely not going to make it if I do that. I don’t want to look at food like it’s all bad for me. I want to learn how to listen to what my body needs and put more thought into what I take in. Not because I’m calorie counting or anything like that but because I want to know that it will fuel me when I need it. I want to appreciate what I put into my body.

You know, I’ve made so many mistakes along this rollercoaster that is my journey but it’s because all the knowledge I’ve learned about nutrition has only recently happened. There have been a lot of A-HA moments and most of them I’m not proud that I didn’t know or never had really thought about them. Most of the things are just plain common sense but if they were never put into practice, I guess I shouldn’t know them. So that’s something that I want to focus on this year. It may be just reading more about it online or in a book but I’d like to really dive deep into the subject.

So from now on, the goal isn’t the ‘what do you want to achieve’…it’s now the ‘why and how will you be able to achieve it’.

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