A blog about stretching…just because

Oh, Man! Where has this been all my life??? Yep, such a simple concept, yet one that I don’t believe I have ever taken full advantage of in MY ENTIRE LIFE. So, I’m over two years into my fitness journey, (fist bump, Carlos), and I know mostly what I know due to Carlos and the internet, but mostly Carlos.

So, why all of a sudden am I singing the praises of the beautiful practice of stretching? Because over the last few months I feel like I have been getting shorter! Okay, I know I’m not getting shorter but my muscles, and whatever other science-y things coexisting in my body, have been feeling so tight. When I sit for long periods of time, I can feel my hips just not working. They get stuck and I feel like I cannot stand straight. It takes a while to really get moving again. But I’ve found some relief over the last few weeks.

My saving grace(s): Carlos, my Theragun, my Stretch Out Strap, and finally, an actual massage.

So, let’s start with the one I will forever be grateful for…my trainer! It’s funny because in the beginning there was no way in hell I would ever have let him put me through a stretching session.

One day, though, about a year and a half into this whole thing, I was desperate. Honestly, I really didn’t know what he was going to suggest when I told him how much I was hurting. It’s funny because I think we were both kind of unsure what we were going to do to try and solve it. I think we both knew it was going to be something that was completely out of my comfort zone but I was going to have to try something.

Let me explain. I was scared of doing a stretch session with him. It involved too many things that I was embarrassed and scared about but I was desperate. Honestly, though, the most embarrassing part was getting down to the ground. Such a crazy thing to be scared of but when you are overweight, things like that just tend to be difficult. It worked out, though.

Then there is my TheraGun. I love this thing. If you don’t have one, you need to get one. It’s a giant massage gun that just works wonders especially after some stretching. I throw it in my gym bag most days. It’s amazing!

Then I had read this article about this strap that physical therapists use to help stretch your muscles. Honestly, it’s something that mimics the stretches that you would do with a trainer or PT, but you can do them on your own, in your own home. When I bought it, I was hoping to help alleviate some tension in my hamstrings and it has helped quite a bit. It gives me the option to get a really good stretch without having to go to my trainer and bother him. Of course, I only know what to do with it because he taught me. (another first bump, Carlos)

Then there is the actual massage. Oh, man. I had never had an actual massage until a few weeks ago. I was always super self conscience about it. I’d always felt that I was too embarrassed to do things like that. I didn’t really think I would feel comfortable but it was really good. It helped everything just get back into place. It hurt, though. Like a lot. I’m assuming I needed it then.

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