If I can’t have it, neither can you…

Alright, so you are going to have to bear with me with the post. It’s a little all over the place but I’m going to try and make sense of it.

I’d been struggling lately with my, for lack of a better word, my “journey”. In my last post, I posted a quote that focused on discipline rather than motivation. I have the motivation, but I lack the discipline to execute what needs to get done. I don’t feel like this is a bad thing as I have realized this. It’s a bad thing when you don’t realize this. This can be dealt with and fixed but it will take time. It will take new habits. It will be me against myself when dealing with some of the bad habits that I have “reintroduced” into my life. I have full confidence within myself that I can battle these demons that I fight with on a daily basis. So, that is what brings me to this post.

I recently had a conversation with someone having to do with how do we fight these things or demons within ourselves. It made me think of the ‘crabs in a bucket mentality’. Okay, so this may not make any sense but I just connected with this theory in a way that I could relate it with the “demons” that tend to bring me down. In my own way, I am struggling with the crabs in a bucket mentality. Time for some explanation…

What is the crabs in a bucket mentality? It’s a way of thinking best described by the phrase “if I can’t have it, neither can you”. The metaphor refers to a bucket of live crabs, some of which could easily escape, but other crabs pull them back down to prevent any from getting out and ensure the group’s collective demise.

So, I can honestly say that I struggle mentally with creating new habits and breaking old ones. I feel like sometimes I might be my own worst enemy when it comes to these things.

The correlation: As I’m fixing to break free, I’m pulled down by my own self.

i.e. As a new habit begins to take over, I sometimes allow old ones to bring me down.

This is a rough state to be in, but I know that it will pass.

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