Here we are…January 1st, 2018. Today would be a good day to write since the beginning of the year is a new start. Before new goals get put into place, let’s think about any old goals that didn’t happen. A lot of stresses and injuries come to mind as to why these didn’t get accomplished, but this is not something that will get me down or deter me from trying again. I’ve come to learn a lot over the last year and have learned a lot of lessons about failure and success. You can choose to work hard but that doesn’t mean you will succeed the first time you try. Believe me, this has been a huge lesson that has stopped me on more than one occasion. I’m still working at things that I have yet to be successful at, but I will keep trying. Again, it’s all part of the process.

Back to our old goals…Now these don’t necessarily have a time cap on them because they are big goals.

  1. Lose 200 lbs total-90 lbs to go. Now this is not where I want to stop but this is a good place to mark a monumental goal. Now, I don’t know if I can do another 100 in a year, but I’ll try. I’d like to make sure I do at least 50lbs but we’ll see. As long as I keep working at it, I’ll get there.
  2. Walk a 5k…This one stings a little because this is something I worked for in 2017 and I was ready. I was not going to be the fastest one but I would have finished. I was pretty devastated that this didn’t happen but what can you do? Although sad, this injury made me even more aware throughout this journey to listen to my body.
  3. Floor work…(get ready, this is going to drag on and may be a little confusing…)Now one of the things that I take pride in actually involves the gym. I’m not the strongest, the fittest, or even the most determined, but I take pride that I walk in, do my best, push myself, and walk out thinking that I did something that will help me better my health, mind, and heart. That being said, Carlos modifies as needed in my current workouts, so I have yet to do any floor work. Although he modifies I really feel like the modifications are NOT due to my weight. I feel more like they are modifications based more on my fitness level. More based on the fact that I’m a beginner. I have never felt like my weight has been an issue in the current workouts he has given me.  I like that I can see/feel improvement as the months come along and he changes the routine to get a better workout. I’m great with this. It gives me a great outlook that workouts will get harder but I will be able to tackle them because I am stronger.  What I’m not okay with is that I have not done anything on my side of this to get myself ready for floor work. Honestly, the reason I haven’t done any floor work is not due to my fitness level but more because of a weight issue. It’s tough to get up and down when you carry an excessive amount of weight. It’s very hard on the knees. It’s not impossible but not my finest hour when it comes to mobility. I am thankful that Carlos understands this.  I also know that we would probably have a conversation about doing this before he tells me to do it during one of my sessions. Also, I know he would understand if I didn’t feel ready. Mentally, I am ready for anything, but my weight can sometimes stop me in my tracks. It won’t for long, but,unfortunately, it will for now.
  4. Improving my time during my mile. Ugh. This one just hurts. I have made improvements but I am going to have get my foot in working order before I push myself like I did. It will get better.

Alright now, new goals…See above. I need to accomplish these before I set new ones. At least when it comes to the long term goals…one year just wasn’t enough time. We’ll see what happens in 2018. Happy New Year!

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